5 free ways simple things to do to get healthy and smooth hair

PHOTOGRAPH: puhhha, 123rf.com

#1 Quit Smoking
The harmful chemicals in cigarettes restrict blood flow and limits the delivery of oxygen and nutrients all over your body, including your hair follicles. As a result, hair becomes drier and more brittle as your hair follicles are not adequately nourished.

#2 Massage Your Scalp
Give your scalp a soothing five-minute massage with a good scalp essence or treatment ampoule. This indulging ritual helps to boost microcirculation and improve the penetration of key active ingredients for enhanced efficacy. It also spreads essential nutrients and natural hair oils to condition tresses from root to tip for a lovely lustre. Another wonderful benefit: This soporific stress-reliever calms the mind, soothes headaches and neck aches, and relieves insomnia for holistic wellness!

#3 Protect against sun exposure
Wear a hat or use an umbrella when out in the scorching sun! Like your skin, UV damage can occur to your hair and scalp at a cellular level. This depletes protective oils, and results in dehydrated locks, frizz and flyaways. Excessive sun exposure can also damage the melanin in hair, and cause hair colour to fade. Plus, sunburnt scalp not only appears flaky but this oxidative damage also inhibits hair growth and causes premature balding.


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#4 Eat Healthily
You are what you eat – and this applies to your tresses. If you want to chomp your way to glossy, voluminous locks, fill your plate with food rich in essential fatty acids, including salmon, trout, sardines and avocados. Put simply, three per cent of your hair shaft is made up of fatty acids such as omega-3, and this helps to keep your scalp and hair well hydrated.

And since your body can’t produce these fatty acids, it is essential to replenish them through your diet. Two other key minerals vital for healthy locks are iron and zinc. Iron from chicken, fish, pork and eggs helps to carry oxygen to hair follicles, and zinc from oysters, beef and whole grains maintains a healthy, hydrated scalp and helps prevent hair loss.

#5 Practise Detox
With pollution, perspiration and regular styling, your daily shampoo might not be enough for thorough cleansing. Switch to a clarifying shampoo or scalp exfoliant once a week to effectively rid grime and residue because if left to accumulate, they can clog up hair follicles. This might in turn lead to greasy scalp and thinning hair.


This article was originally published in Singapore Women’s Weekly.