Shangri-La The Line has a new executive chef and he’s shaking things up with the buffet.

While The Line still has the same great variety – from local favourites like Laksa, seafood, to the Indian spread and Dim Sum section. The new chef has expanded the Sunday champagne brunch menu to include a few new highlights:

1) Foie Gras station

 This extreme, over-indulgent station will have foie gras lovers well satisfied! You’ve got the classics: foie gras torchon, foie gras terrine, the interesting: foie gras with apple, foie gras with pineapple and the downright strange: foie gras with chocolate chips. 

In total there are 10 different types of foie gras for you to try, so go crazy! It’s of course served with plenty of crackers, fruits and even cured meats like this one:

Try: The foie gras with berries. It’s a combination that actually works really well together! The thin layer of berries balances the rich foie gras.

2) More roasts

The chef expanded the roast section with more meat! The leg of beef, yes, that one the size of a small child, is just one of many roasts. There’s a rack of pistachio-covered rack of lamb:

Korean-style beef:

And a whole new Meditterean range with chicken, lamb and beef skewers:

3) A chocolate bar:

No chocolate fountain here, but a full range of chocolate desserts from doughnuts, macaron trees, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate lava cakes, cake pops and many more.

The strawberry chocolate tree was my favourite: juicy berries coated in a crispy shell of milk and white chocolate.

But of course, if chocolate is not your thing, go for the other desserts, here’s just a handful of desserts offered:

4) Chilli crab:

The sauce isn’t as spicy as I usually like, but it’s still thick, with a hint of egg, and perfect for slurping with some fried mantous. Also, the fresh crabs, like the rest of the seafood served at The Line, is fresh, big and juicy.

5) Seafood:

Nothing new I know, but it’s still a must-try highlight! You’ve got oysters, scampi, mussels, scallops, lobsters, prawns and crab legs, all of which are sweet, cold and an absolutely delight.

In conclusion, you’ll definitely be unable to finish 100% of the buffet, but its still worth eating. My suggestion, finish a station, take a 15 min break before moving on to the next one.

The Line, Sunday Champagne Brunch
Shangri-La Singapore
$158++ per person