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If you enjoy relaxing over a drink on the weekends or after a crazy day at the office, here’s what you can order at the bar without feeling like you’ve wasted your efforts at the gym. That said, try to keep it to only one drink – you’re not just piling up the calories with multiple servings, but drinking excessively can lead to health problems like high blood pressure. Here are five alcoholic drinks worth considering.

1. A GLASS OF VODKA SODA: 96 calories

The drink is essentially soda water spiked with vodka. Since you get zero calories out of soda water, the remaining will come only from the alcohol itself. 

2. A GLASS OF MARTINI: 176 calories

Get a classic martini which packs a mix of vermouth and gin. You can also request for it to be made dry, which equals to less vermouth and more alcohol.

3. A GLASS OF MOJITO: 168 calories

If you’re a lady who loves her rum, forget Mai Tais and opt for a refreshing mojito instead. Along with the alcohol, you’ll get a swirl of fresh mint leaves, lime and sugar.

4. A GLASS OF GIN AND TONIC: 148 calories

Tonic water isn’t just delish, but also counts for only ten calories per ounce. Score!


Instead of your usual glass of red, pick up a glass of bubbly instead. They’re much lesser in calories compared to other wines or any mixed drink.


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