There’s really no need to fork out thousands of dollars for blue skies and clear water in the Maldives when you have an island paradise at your doorstep.

Indonesia is a stone throw away and yet you don’t here much about people visiting it. There are so many ideas (some quite remote) that look even better than the Maldives!


There’s no need to explain why everyone should visit here at least once. You have all the comforts of home in Bali, including fantastic food, comfortable villas, plenty of English speaking locals and an abundance of taxis to help you get around. The water is not the clearest, but it’s definitely the easiest and most convenient island getaway with plenty of amenities here. 



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Overshadowed by Bali, not many tourists think of coming here as you actually have to take a boat out to it. Visit the Gili Islands there for diving and snorkelling. Definitely find time to check out the sea turtle hatchery there.


Off the coast of east Java, Belitung has huge granite formations around the island and shallow, crystal clear water. It’s a wonderful experience exploring the whole island.


Land and sea are both equally fascinating at Sumbawa. Explore the sprawling hills and look out around the beauty of the world in that moment.


How can you resist this volcanic island! It’s so charming!