Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack
$5, from Four Seasons Organic Market at Great World City and Parkway Parade
More a drink than a snack, these handy pouches are bursting with fruity goodness, with jelly-like bits of chia seeds mixed with fruit puree. They come in flavours such as blackberry and purple carrot, and strawberry and banana.

Familia Bio Organic Swiss Choco-Amaranth Crunch
$7.95, from major supermarkets
A nutritious organic combo of wholemeal flakes, cereal crispies, chocolate bits and puffed amaranth (a protein-rich grain that is a relative of quinoa). Tastes great with milk, yogurt, and even ice cream!

Cheddar and Gouda Cheese Popcorn
$2.30, from Muji Marina Square
Don’t have a sweet tooth? Then this light and savoury popcorn is for you!

Eden Organic Wild Berry Mix
$3.95 (promotional price), from Four Seasons Organic Market Parkway Parade
Munch and crunch on this sweet medley, which packs eight types of nuts, seeds and dried berries.

Envirokidz Chocolate Crispy Rice
$9.40 (six bars), from major supermarkets
Stash a couple of these gluten-free, organic bars in your bag to satiate rumbling tummies on weekend outings.