Le’clair Patissarie by Sarah Michelle
shop: http://leclair.oddle.me/

While you won’t be able to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere you get at their store, you can bring home their delightful desserts with their new online website! With a Paris-trained chef at the helm, you can bet the e’clairs from Le’clair are amazing. Must try: Isaphan. The glittery pink fondant is a tad chewy, but the rose-tinged cream with juicy longans that complements the choux never fails to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Shop: http://www.delifrance.com.sg/mini-eclairs-chocolate-and-coffee-30-pcs-70.html

You can never go wrong with Dellifrance’s classic e’clairs. While they don’t have the full-sized pieces for sale on the website, order the trays of mini e’clairs for your family and friends. Always a hit with any crowd!

Pastry Closet (halal)
Shop: http://www.pastrycloset.com/product-page/

Your search for halal pastries are over! Pastry Closet provides halal certified mini e’clairs and they come in trays of 6 for just $6.50. Full of rich, creamy chocolate crème, it is an indulgent snack great for bringing to the office after lunch!

Artisan Boulangerie Co. (ABC)
Shop: http://artisanbakery.com.sg/catering/

You’ve definitely come across this eatery somewhere around our little island, but we bet you’ve never tried their e’clairs before. Their extensive menu of savoury treats and other dishes would have kept too busy to notice the little e’clair in the display. No worries, just order it off their website and get their coffee, vanilla or chocolate e’clairs delivered right to you. Only $4.50!

La Vanille Patisserie
IG: LaVanille_Patisserie
Shop: https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Vanille-Patisserie/882720165085313

Offering homemade desserts, La Vanille Patisserie specialises in all sweet treats especially birthday cakes and e’clairs. All homemade, you can bet the ones you order come straight from the oven! Try her alcohol infused Baileys E’clairs, the luscious hazelnut e’clairs and the colourful pisatachio e’clairs.
Remember to make your order three to five days in advance!