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5 good reasons to eat more carbs


People usually turn to cutting down carbohydrates whenever they want to lose weight, so much so that they neglect the reasons why our body needs carbs in our system to function healthily. One’s daily calorie intake should be 45 to 65 per cent carbs. How would you know if you’re getting enough? Look out for the following signs.


1. You don’t have enough stamina

When your body doesn’t take in enough carbohydrates, chances are, you can’t last through your usual high-intensity workout. Usually when you exercise, having enough carbs in your system will supply the first leg of energy you need to burn fat. If there isn’t, you’ll find yourself drained out and ready to throw in the towel even before any fat-blasting takes place. 


2. Your breath smells

When you’re living on a low-carb diet, your body tends to burn fat through a process known as ketosis, where chemicals called ketones are released. Unfortunately, these chemicals have an unpleasant smell that is passed through the breath. This is something that brushing and flossing can’t fix. 


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3. You suffer from terrible headaches

One benefit that we get from eating carbs is that they maintain our blood sugar levels. But when we cut down on carbs drastically, this can cause a major dip in our blood sugar levels and as a result, leading to headaches. Insisting on a low-carb weight loss plan can mean prolonged pain that can disrupt your everyday plans. 


4. You have constipation

When you lose out on complex carbohydrates, you also lose out on fibre, which is vital for a healthy digestive system. If this occurs, make sure you compensate it with loads of fibre-rich veggies and plenty of water. 


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5. You’re grumpy all the time

We often term dishes like pasta as comfort food. So when you abstain from soothing, delicious carbs, you’ll naturally feel crabby almost at all times. Carbohydrates are also another building factor to your body’s production of serotonin, a feel-good chemical that your brain produces. Therefore, going without carbs can definitely affect your mood in a bad way.


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