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You’ve recently resolved to eat clean, but you’re getting desperate for food, so you nip out for a plate of greasy noodles at your neighborhood hawker stall, or heat up some microwaveable lasagna. Diet ruined.

Sounds familiar? We’ve probably all been there and done that.

Healthy eating isn’t all that hard if you know how to do it – here are healthy food options that deliver right to your doorstep.


1. Deliveroo

We can’t go on about food deliveries without mentioning Deliveroo for the sheer number of options they offer. Healthier choices include Cedele, SaladStop!, and more.

Delivery charge: $3
Website: https://deliveroo.com.sg/


2. YOLO Food 

You only live once, but it can be a pretty long life if you keep healthy. YOLO Food offers food classified into 4 categories designed to help you meet your health goals: Shape Up, Energise, Build, and Glow. 

Inspired by various cuisines to keep things interesting, there’s everything from Prawn Pad Thai to Barley Mushroom Risotto to Miso Glazed Salmon Steak. 

Did we also mention they have a breakfast menu with pancakes? – They’ve got a breakfast menu with pancakes. 

Delivery charge: $3 (minimum spending of $15) 
Website: http://yolofood.com.sg/


3. DoSiRak 

DoSiRak offers Korean-inspired rice bowls, rich in fresh greens and topped with your protein of choice, and doused in their special sauce. Shake it all up to mix the flavours together, and enjoy! Hot favourites include the beef bulgogi as well as salmon meal tubs. 

Most of the meals are under 450 calories, but if that’s not healthy enough for you, swap out the white rice for wholegrain rice or Korean buckwheat noodles. 

Delivery charge: $4, or free for 4 orders or more 
Website: http://dosirak.com.sg


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4. The Lawn

The Lawn dispels the depressing idea of salad as a boring bunch of greens tossed in a bowl.  

Swap out your salad for olive rice if you’d like; the medley of fresh ingredients comes topped with a healthy, hearty portion of meat or seafood as well – think Chicken with Maple Infusion, Balsamico Pulled Duck, Buttered Dory, and more. 

Alternatively, choose from their pre-customized bowls that’ll save you the pressure of being spoilt for choice. 

Delivery charge: free for orders above $80 
Website: http://order.thelawn.com.sg


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5. Ronnie Kitchen

Sometimes, we just want classic-home-cooked-food kind of healthy. Ronnie Kitchen is an option that departs from the typical new-age organic meals and whatnot – their tze char (assorted dishes) meals comprising 4 dishes with rice (or more dishes if you’ve got more people) satisfy the tummy and warms the heart.

Website: http://www.ronniekitchen.com.sg


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