WHAT: Candles are one of the easiest ways to set the mood in a home. And what better way to create a Halloween ambience than with themed candles? The video teaches you how to make candles that drip blood (the “blood” is made using melting red candles), candy corn inspired candles (using crepe paper), and mummy candles (melting white wax).

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED: candles, Mod Podge (available at Art Friend), tissue paper, coloured crepe paper, crayons  


WHAT: Have an empty wall at your Halloween party? Fill it with these spider webs to make it spook-tacular! These spider webs are really easy to make – just tape pieces of yarn to the wall, then weave the yarns to create the web structure. Add fake spiders for good measure.  



WHAT: Pretend to be a chemist with this DIY craft. It basically involves a lot of mixing, stirring and waiting. But the final product is a gooey, sticky and red hot mess of slime that will have your neighbours calling the police to check if there’s been a homicide. Smear them across that dull-looking cabinet to create a fake crime scene in your home.

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED:  clear glue, water, contact lens solution (available at leading pharmacies and personal care stores like Watsons), red food colouring, baking soda


WHAT: What’s Halloween without pumpkins? Since the pumpkin craving culture has yet to take off here, paint them instead! Not only will it require less effort, you can rope in your kids to help as well. All you need are some paint and markers. This video shows you two simple designs you can follow. Or if you’re the artsy type, paint your pumpkins in whatever design you want.

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED: pumpkin, paint, marker pens, chalkboard paint, chalk


WHAT: This is one for the kids. Create the “ghost” by using a small toy figurine as the ghost structure. Wrap (medical) gauze around the toy and use hairspray to harden the gauze fabric. Leave to dry, then remove the toy. Use coloured paper to create facial parts for the ghost and then place it inside a mason jar. Place battery-operated tea lights for a ghoulish glow.

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED: jar, gauze (available at leading pharmacies and personal care stores like Watsons), battery tea light (available at Daiso or Ikea), coloured paper, glue, hairspray (or liquid starch), cling wrap, a small toy figure