5 cheap and good ways to eat healthy and keep fit in Singapore

PHOTOGRAPH: Sebastian Duda, 123rf.com

Are you looking to get more activities into your life to stay healthy? Exercising or losing weight does not mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars per month on a gym membership or a personal trainer.

Here are some free or cheap activities you can do in Singapore to get your health on track:

1 Enjoy free exercises

One of the best way to start exercising is to go for a daily walk or short run. We are blessed with greenery in our garden city and there is ample space for fresh air and exercise – just go to your nearest neighbourhood park or simply run along the park connectors. These make for good running/walking routes without being in the middle of traffic.

Heard of ActiveSG? This is a national movement by the Singapore Sports Council that offers affordable sports opportunities to all Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents.

If you are a Singaporean or a Singapore PR, and are at least 16 years old, you can sign up for a free ActiveSG membership which entitles you to the ActiveSG $100 once your account has been verified.

Yes, it’s like having $100 credit for free to exercise!


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This can be used for pool and gym admissions, ActiveSG programmes and activities, ActiveSG facilities booking, or for the purchase of MyActiveGYM™ and MyActiveSWIM™ schemes.

2 Use public facilities

There are plenty of public exercise amenities which are very economical for daily use. You can go to public swimming pools, book a badminton court with friends (and share the cost) or use public gyms at the various neighbourhood sports complex. These facilities are often very well-maintained and provided at a very low price.


3 Join interest groups

Joining a running club or exercise group is a great option – some of these are free – organised by like-minded people who just want to keep healthy and make friends who enjoy the same activities. Being social and exercising with friends also gives you great motivation when you don’t feel up to doing a run. You can look up websites such as meetup.com for interest groups that you can join or simply form your own!


4 Explore cooking healthy meals

As nutritionists say, you can’t outrun a bad diet. Eating healthy is as important as exercising, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can always try cooking for yourself to ensure the food you are eating is as healthy as possible. Explore new recipes or make it fun by inviting friends over for a healthy cook-out or a potluck session.


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Also consider packing your own salad for lunch instead of joining the long queue at salad bars. You can always make great salads as long as the ingredients are fresh. Add on the dressing only when you are about to eat them to avoid sogginess.

5 Love juices? Try eating fruits instead

Drinking juice is no doubt healthy, but you are leaving out the all-important fibre by just drinking the liquid. One glass of orange juice is made up of at least 2 to 3 oranges, and often provides less satiety than eating an orange. Not only is eating the fruit healthier and cheaper, you also consume less sugar and empty calories this way.

This article was originally published on Get.com.