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1 Feed The Hungry
Have items in the pantry you’re not going to use? The Food Bank Singapore will take it! The organisation donates food to almost 100,000 people each month through a network of approximately 150 charities.

● Most Useful Donations
“Any foods in good condition and not expired or opened,” says Nichol Ng, Chief Food Officer. But don’t feel like you need to run out and buy anything new. “We prefer that the food comes from homes where people are moving or relocating so it’s being put to good use.” Free collection possible.
(39 Keppel Rd;

2 Donate Baby Supplies
Pregnancy can be challenging even for those with support. Imagine being a teenager who also has to deal with society’s often negative reaction. Babes Crisis Pregnancy Support works with pregnant youths (21 and below) to advocate for a more inclusive society, “where pregnant teenagers do not feel marginalised or estranged,” says Siti Fatimah, Community Partnership Executive.

● Most Useful Donations
Milk powder (for 0-2 years of age), diapers and grocery vouchers. Free collection possible. (26 Jalan Klinik;

3 Offload Everything In One Place 
The Salvation Army is ideal for expats because it will take away all your unwanted things (if they’re in good, usable condition). To raise money for the poor, it sells items at super-low prices at multiple Family Thrift Stores across the island.

● Most Useful Donations
You name it! Clothes, furniture, household goods, electronic devices, toys and books. It even picks up bulky items like furniture and big appliances for an optional $60. Ask for a collection note upon pick up and receive an official non-tax deductible receipt in the mail. (

4 Help Foreign Workers
Humanitarian Organisation of Migrant Economics (HOME) protects the rights of migrant workers against crimes such as human trafficking and forced labour. “We help domestic workers and those from the shipbuilding and construction industries with issues ranging from overwork and inadequate food, to physical or psychological abuse and forced repatriation,” says Jo-Anne Aeria, Director, Partnerships and Communications. HOME provides shelter and vocational courses, too.

● Most Useful Donations
Household items such as detergents, food items and toiletries. Staffers may also benefit from desktops, laptops, household appliances and healthcare equipment. Drop off only. (261 Waterloo St;

5 Pass Along Clothes
Need an even better reason to clean out your closet? Your castoffs can clothe women and children who are victims of family violence. The Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations (SCWO) Star Shelter is Singapore’s only secular crisis centre that provides a safe and temporary refuge. “We also empower victims to rebuild their lives free from violence,” says Amanda Ho, Marketing & PR.

● Most Useful Donations Clothes, accessories, household items, ornaments, books and toys. All items go to SCWO’s New2U thrift shop – a favourite amongst vintage- loving bargain hunters, and proceeds go to Star Shelter. Drop off only. (96 Waterloo St;