What’s in the box Weekly pre-packed organic produce direct from Europe to your doorstep. Most of the boxes are filled with eight to 10 types of fruits and veggies that vary from week to week, depending on what’s harvested at the farms. Choose from eight different boxes, such as Simply Fruits, and Office and School (for easy to prepare fruits and vegetables). There’s also an a la carte menu, with produce ranging from staples like bananas and potatoes to uncommon greens like chard and chicory, as well as fruit varieties not commonly found in supermarkets.

Our order The Office and School Box came with Conference pears, Topaz apples, Fuerte avocadoes, clementines, bananas, a lemon, pomegranates, Purple Haze carrots, kohlrabies (a type of turnip), cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers and baby radishes – all fresh and with hardly a bruise.

The fruit variants were different from the usual ones in supermarkets and they tasted very good too. We were impressed by the citrusy fragrance of the lemon, the refreshing tart sweetness of the tangerines, the juiciness of the pears and the clean crisp taste of the baby radishes. The Topaz apples were crisp, sour and more flavourful than regular Fuji apples. There was a recipe card for a couscous vegetable salad, but what we really needed was one for the kohlrabies, the most unusual produce in the box.

Good to know Best to stash the produce in the fridge once they arrive, especially the delicate ones. The bananas and pears in our box turned brown by the next day when we left them out, and the leaves of the baby radishes and kohlrabies were limp.

Prices From $138 (a box) to $3,024 (24 boxes over six months)


What’s in the box A supply of goodies from local cafes and bakeries like Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe and Strictly Pastry. Choose from The Nom Box plans for treats for up to two people, or The Nom Box + for a party of three.

Our order The Nom Box + came with Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut Cookies from Uggli Muffins, Salted Caramel Cookies, Chocolate and Rose Macarons and a Blueberry Tart from Charlotte Grace Cakeshop, a Lemon and Blueberry Bundt Cake and a Pain au Chocolat from Carpenter and Cook, and a Sea Salt Nutella Short Tart from Fart Tartz. We liked the melt-in-your-mouth cookies and the Pain au Chocolat was still crisp when the box came.

Good to know They accept a la carte orders of cakes, pastries and desserts – great for parties.

Prices From $28 (a box for a month) to $138 (six boxes over six months) for The Nom Box; from $38.95 (a box for a month) to $203.70 (six boxes over six months) for The Nom Box +.



What’s in the box A steady flow of new and interesting craft beers (beers that are brewed in small quantities using traditional methods and with no additives or preservatives) that come monthly or once in two months, in a box of 24 cans and bottles. In each Monthly Beer Club box, there are eight different types of beers – the selection changes monthly – mostly from microbreweries in America, United Kingdom and Australia. They are sourced by a team at the Thirsty Craft Beer Shop, which also runs three beer shops at Liang Court, Holland Road Shopping Centre and Tiong Bahru.

Our order There’s a good mix of lighter and stronger brews, and you don’t need to be a connoisseur to enjoy them. The Modern Times Lomaland from San Diego was crystal light and went down superbly with chicken rice doused with chilli, while the Stone Go To IPA was fruity with citrusy notes. For Hubby, there’s the Anchor Porter, a malty porter beer with hints of coffee.

Good to know Also available are Discovery Cases – which have 24 bottles of 12 different flavours. Beers for each case are chosen around a theme, like Black Beauty, which packs in dark beers like stout and porter beers, and Pale as the Moon, a collection of pale ales.

Prices From $165 (a box) to $1,680 (12 boxes over 12 months)


What’s in the box Two bottles of wine and a tasting guide. There are four types of monthly boxes with different price points to choose from. Vineyard Gems gives you vino from little-known vineyards, while Cellar Icons is a duo of vintage wines.

Our order For our photoshoot, we requested three boxes – Vineyard Gems, Tasting Voyage and Grands Crus. Based on the tasting notes (that also had useful food pairing tips) that came with them, the Les Remparts De Bastor-Lamontagne, Sauternes, 2008 in our Vineyard Gems box was sweet and fruity, while the Cairanne, Domaine Marcel Richaud, 2012 was aromatic with notes of black grapes.

Good to know If you like what you got in the subscription boxes, you can reorder the individual wines at a discounted price from the website.

Prices From $79 per month for a Vineyard Gems box to $489 per month for a Cellar Icons box (both based on a 12-month subscription plan). 



What’s in the box A personalised selection of sanitary pads and tampons, with chocolates and surprise gifts to get you through that time of the month. There are six plans and different package sizes (small, medium and large) to choose from. Madame Organic, for example, comes with Natracare products made from organic and natural materials, and Duchess Regular lets you pick up to 15 items.

Our order We opened up our large Madame Organic box to find 20 Natracare organic cotton tampons and our surprise gift was a gold-coloured bracelet. There was an organic bar chocolate from Whistler Chocolate, some toffees, three Yogi Woman’s Moon Cycle teabags, a facial lotion and a toner-serum from Korean brand Innisfree, and an aloe vera face mask from Japanese brand Kitoko Kalani. The Queen Heavy Welcome Box for first-time customers came with a cosmetic bag, chocolates, toffees, 20 pads, tampons and liners.

Good to know Just fill in the start date of your last period and its frequency when you’re making your order and your Blissybox will arrive a week before your next period.

Prices From $9 a month for a small Pads Only box to $30 for a large Madame Organic box

This article was originally published in Simply Her March 2015.