Go to them for: Grocery shopping

If you have different items you want from different supermarkets, Honestbee is the concierge service to go to. Their shoppers handpick every item on your shopping list and deliver the groceries to you on the same day. Besides the usual suspects, they also cover places like Jones the Grocer, Pet Lovers Centre and Four Seasons Organic Market.




Go to them for: Event and party planning

Based on the type of event you are planning, Delegate will recommend vendors. On a single platform, you’ll be able to manage and track all your communications with them. This way you can receive quotations and compare rates easily.




Go to them for: A variety of services from food/grocery delivery to finding part-time nannies

An SMS-based service, MummyHelp works like a personal virtual assistant, specially designed for busy mummies. They even help you make bookings for prenatal masseuse, plan baby showers and find the best breast pump for you. 




Go to them for: Fitness trainers when you are overseas

With fitness trainers based in major cities worldwide, like Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai, you won’t have to worry about cheating on your training goals the next time you have to go on a company trip. WorldTrainer assesses your goals and dispatches a trainer in that city to a location of your choice to give you personalised optimal training.




Go to them for: Anything under the sun

Just SMS your request to the good people at Blitz, and they claim to respond within 60 seconds. For every service, Blitz will keep you updated until your request is fulfilled and help with after-sales support. They also give you a breakdown of the fees and you can pay via a secure link they send to your phone. Payment is processed by PayPal.