5 adult art and craft classes to boost your creativity and give your house a personal touch

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1. Crush on you

Triple Eyelid is a design studio that loves a bit of upcycling. They use discarded materials for design purposes, therefore teaching the public about everyday waste. Their workshops are ‘wow’ – and definitely require a little patience – for example, their Skinny Stool and Marbelous Mini and Crushed Planter sessions (see image above). However, the hard work will be well worth it when friends visit and see just how handy with your – um, hands – you can be.


2. Fabric fiend

Fictive Fingers is a textile design studio set up by two super-sisters, Hani and Aisah. What started as a chat in their home living room turned into the pair creating their own limited edition of unique hand-printed fabrics, and then collaborating with the likes of Mercedez-Benz and The Body Shop. They spin their designs into bags, pouches, fabric covers and other home accessories, and now run workshops at their creative studio – think along the lines of screen-printing or fabric printing basics. Classes generally happen on Saturdays and range for all ages. See their Facebook page for further details.


3. Crazy for, er, concrete?

Founded in a small HDB in 2014 by Alvin Chan, a design graduate from Nanyang Technological University Singapore, this clever chap set up Concrete Everything. The clue to his passion is in the name as he now spends his days exploring design with raw materials – mainly cement. Discover workshops across Singapore teaching you how to make mini stools, piping, artsy sculptures and lamp stands to name but a few. Yep, cement is sexy. Fact.


4. Copper piping power!
Feel inspired scrolling through the very stylish goods showcased on the Make Your Own website, founded by Mr Poh Wenxiang, and then sign up to one of the myriad of affordable classes teaching you how to make everything that appears to involve a copper pipe. Wait! There are tonnes of options! From terraniums to side tables to table fountains, all are dead cute and make for totally individual pieces for your home. Log on now for a look! We know you want to.


5. Back to basics
Tatting may sound possibly sexual (just us?), but it is, in fact, the incredibly intricate skill of making handmade lace. Almost a lost art, it’s also known as ‘shuttle lace’, and is virtually unknown in most of the world, which is exactly why you should join a workshop! Tatting gives you the opportunity to make special gifts for friends, family, or for yourself, and you can go as basic or bling as you feel, using bright colours and beads for customisation.