How to pamper yourself when life hurts your body

Whether you realise it or not, your daily habits and activities have an impact on how you look and feel. For many urbanites, an aching neck, shoulders and back are a familiar reality, and often the result of having a poor posture from sitting at their desks all day, stressful city driving, constantly staring down at their mobile devices, or overstraining while carrying a newborn and lugging a heavy diaper bag. Here’s how you can show your body some TLC.

Soothe that achy neck and shoulders
Get your posture right at work to prevent these strains: Sit straight with your lower back flat against the backrest of your chair and feet flat on the ground. Remember not to tense your shoulders as you write or type. And to ensure that you do not hunch, adjust the height of your computer screen so that its top is at your eye level.

But if you are aching already, the OSIM uLove is the massage chair you need to soothe your body. This luxurious chair comes with a V-Hand massage feature to ease tension in your muscles. Designed to emulate the grip of a masseuse, the V-Hand 3D massage has roller balls that rotate 360 degrees horizontally and vertically to target the deep knots in your neck and shoulders.

Comfort a sore bum
If your butt is hurting from sitting for too long in the office, it is worth sticking a reminder on your computer to stand up, stretch your body or take a walk to the pantry every half hour or so. But if it is a more intense pain, you should consult the doctor – and consider investing in an aid to help you safely relax those sore muscles.

With OSIM uLove, you can choose from two features that help the butt muscles. The Butt Cuddle program focuses on relaxing the butt and back muscles. The Neck & Butt Massage is a signature program that specifically targets the tense muscles in both the neck and butt  to relieve them of stiffness due to a sedentary lifestyle and even exercise that’s too strenuous.

How to pamper yourself when life hurts your body

Ease lower backaches
For mums sore from lifting and carrying Baby while lugging a heavy diaper bag, the OSIM uLove’s Lumbar Pamper massage helps ease lower back tension, while the Long-Track massage covers every centimetre of your tired body, from the head to the butt, to provide targeted relief for sore muscles. With seven levels of intensity at the shoulders, lumbar and butt, you can even customise your massage for maximum pleasure. In addition, this massage chair is fitted with an immersive audio system that lets you sync your playlist from your smartphone.

When your back feels better, start doing light exercises. Working out increases blood flow to the muscles, releases tension and keeps your body and limbs nimble. Strengthening your back muscles and others that support them will help minimise your chances of straining stiff muscles.

Rejuvenate tired legs
Give them a good soak in warm water with a few drops of lemon juice and peppermint essential oil. Warm water relaxes your muscles, while lemon juice and peppermint oil refresh your feet. At the same time, fill your bathroom or bedroom with your favourite scent via a fragrance diffuser to complete your foot spa experience.

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