1. The Shower Method
This requires minimal effort and is a great last minute solution for creases. Hang the affected garment up in your bathroom, and take a nice hot shower. The steam will remove any wrinkles from your clothes.
Extra tip: Shut all the windows and doors in your bathroom to prevent steam from escaping.

2. Use a Spray Bottle
Fill a spray bottle with some warm water and spritz the wrinkles with it. Be careful not to overdo it, a little water goes a long way!

3. Your Flat Iron: Not Just For Straightening your Hair
Hard-pressed for time? Do your hair and iron out little wrinkles at the same time. In fact, some people believe that this method is more effective than ironing at removing wrinkles. This method works best on collars, cuffs of your shirt and the hem of your dress.
Extra tip: Make sure your straighteners are clean from hair products to keep unnecessary residue from ruining your clothes.

4. Flatten Under Your Mattress
Roll the creased garment into a burrito and place it under your mattress. Leave it there for about an hour and let your mattress work its magic. Your clothes will be crease-free and ready to wear!
Extra tip: Ensure that your mattress is clean first, to avoid dust mites getting into your clothes.

These tips come from Helpling.