caffeine addiction

Photo: Rostislav Sedláček / 123rf

For most of us, we start the morning with a cup of coffee, just so that we can get that surge of energy that we need to kickstart the day, thanks to the caffeine. While there is nothing seemingly dangerous about being reliant on caffeine, we do know that it is never a good thing to be a slave to any of your vices. Here are some signs that you should probably start cutting down your intake of it.

1. You’re unhappy until you had your first cup

Caffeine works as a stimulant which means it gives us some form of pleasure everytime we consume it. If you find yourself acting moody and grumpy before you have your daily cup of joe, it probably means that you’re relying on it just to feel happy.

2. You suffer from headaches without it

Here comes the ultimate withdrawal symptom: pounding headches. What caffeine also does is that it constricts our blood vessels, restricting the blood flow which also means it is a great headache reliever. If your body is used to a constant and heavy amount of caffeine, you could possibly suffer a headache just by skipping a cup of coffee. In these cases, don’t go cold turkey immediately but start by reducing the amount and frequency so that your body can get used to the change.

3. You find it hard to focus without it

In other words, you find it difficult to function without the adrenaline that caffeine provides us everytime we consume it. But then again, our minds were never created or wired to rely on caffeine just so that we can get on with our lives. So the next time you’re set on the idea that you can’t work without caffeine, it is probably time to reconsider the limitations of your own body.

4. You feel the need to increase your dosage

As the same goes for anything else, our bodies can find a way to put up a tolerance to the things we consume. As for caffeine, a cup of coffee might not keep you awake for as long as when you first started drinking coffee, so you need more of it to keep on going. Before you think about that next refill, do know that it is only a matter of time that your body would be immune to caffeine again. In any case, it is a vicious cycle.


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