running tips for easy weight loss

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Running is one of the most vigorous and high-intensity exercises that anyone could opt for in the hope of losing weight. However, some might find the results disappointing, as the outcome doesn’t always match the effort put into it. But before you give up on running, here are several ways you can effectively drop kilos by doing this activity.

1. Watch your post-run diet

We find ourselves utterly famished after a long run and if you have been indulging in junk food to satisfy your belly, you’re not just packing on more calories. You’ll probably also find yourself hungry again in the next hour. Make sure your post-run snack is packed with protein and filling carbs, and it doesn’t exceed 150 calories. Sometimes, binging after your workout could mean you need to fuel up more before you exercise, so the best thing is also to balance out how much you eat before and after.

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2. Make your run more challenging

If you have been getting comfortable in your usual running regime, doing the same kind of workout over and over again can actually make your weight loss efforts futile. As your muscles can get accustomed to the effort that your workout requires, it is best to switch up your running workouts by incorporating speed intervals, uphill slope challenges or even running on different terrains to keep strengthening your muscles.

3. Track your workout

Your body may feel that it has burned about 500 calories with that intense run you had earlier but you can’t really know for sure. Chances are, you’re not running enough. The most effective way is to track your run with a running app or an activity tracker.

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4. Do other forms of exercise

Don’t just rely solely on running to see weight loss results, but also include other forms of cardio and strength training. Building muscle mass can burn more calories and speed up your body’s metabolism. Try running three times a week plus other forms of cardio and strength training on the other days to see better results!


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