Other than stress, excessive sun exposure and smoking, pimples can point to problems with digestion (forehead), respiration (cheek) or constipation (above the lip). Even if you feel generally well, it doesn’t hurt to load up on one of these zit-zappers.

The Makeup Remover
Eucerin Dermopurifyer Acne & Make-up Cleansing Water, $27.90 (200ml), is formulated with four powerful ingredients, including decandiol, which supposedly reduces acne-causing bacteria. Apply on a cotton pad and wipe.

The Concealer
CNP Laboratory Anti-blemish Dual Spot, $40.90 (two 3.5ml tubes), does double duty by healing and concealing. It lightens blemishes and improves skin tone with vitamin C.

The Cleanser
Orbis Clear Wash, $20 (120g), contains gromwell root extract that boosts antimicrobial peptides in your skin to defend against the dreaded hormonal breakout during your menstrual cycle.


This article was originally published in Simply Her July 2015 issue.