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There are “period proof” undies up for sale online. One of the more popular brands, Thinx, promise leak-proof menstrual days with their products. They look like regular undies, but apparently can hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood. They even have thongs!

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Ew. WHAT?! Okay okay, calm down. It works kinda like a tampon. You fold it in half to make it smaller and push up your vaginal canal. It simply sits there collecting blood. Some cups come with inverted sides, so the blood never spills out even after pulling it out. Some come with rings at the bottom to assist you in pull it out, others have ribbed tips to give you a better grip. They all come in different sizes, so it’s really up to you which ones suit you the best.
I’ve even included a diagram on how to put it in:

It might look a little scary, but the reviews have been nothing but positive. It’s also easy to clean, so people really enjoy these. Some favourite brands include the meluna cup, diva cup, and Sckoon.
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These are so colourful and friendly! And because they are usually made of organic materials, brands promise that these will never give you an itching sensation.
You might find it a little troublesome to wash your cloth pads, but users say it’s easy to wash and easy to store. They also love how convenient the cloth pads are to have around, as you’ll never have to make a last minute trip to the supermarket.

A key tip about cleaning your cloth pads would be to never let it dry. Once you let it dry, it stains, and removing it is quite difficult. Sellers suggest soaking the pads in a tub of water to before washing with soap and water, followed by a rinse in the washing machine.

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