3 apps to help you run faster, further and lose weight

Zombies, Run!

You listen to a series of podcast-like episodes that pull you into a story: As one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, you’ve joined a colony that sends you out on missions – each is a 20-minute run. During lulls in the mission, you can listen to your playlist while running. When the zombies give chase, you escape by running faster,  which will lessentheir growls.

$8.98, from iTunes Store


Battlesuit Runner Fitness

Each running mission can be adjusted to suit your workout duration and be interspersed with songs from your playlist. The game commander will prompt you to speed up, slow down, or sprint to affect the outcome.

$4.22, from Google Play


The Walk – Fitness Tracker and Game

If you’re too lazy to run, just walk. In this app, you go on a journey to find a special package. The episodic story will have you traipsing up and down the park connector just to complete it.

$4.48, from iTunes Store