The number of calories you can torch during a 30-minute romp, inclusive of foreplay, according to researchers from the University of Quebec. That’s just about equivalent to a 13-minute jog! Your pelvic floor muscles – which play a role in incontinence when you’re older – as well as your back, butt and thigh muscles can get a good workout too.

The number of 30-minute sex sessions it will take you to burn enough calories to lose a kilo.

According to the same study from the University of Quebec, the mean intensity of sex for women is 5.6 METS (metabolic equivalent tasks – a measure of physical intensity). That’s approximately the effort required to cycle or play doubles tennis.

10 years
You can shave a decade off your appearance if you have sex four times a week or more. Researchers at Royal Edinburgh Hospital attribute this to improved circulation, endorphin release and fat burning effects caused by sex.

Having sex more than once a week can give you a whopping 30 per cent increase in levels of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) – an antibody that protects you against bacteria and viruses. Wilkes University researchers say that this boost to your immune system can help ward off common ailments like colds and flu.

Prone to getting migraines? Grab your hubby for a quickie! According to studies done by researchers from the University of Münster and Southern Illinois University, around half of people who suffer from migraines felt better after sex. Apparently, the hormones produced during orgasm – oxytocin and endorphins – alleviate headaches naturally.

2 days
Besides headaches, sex can also relieve other forms of pain for up to two days, such as menstrual cramp, chronic back and leg pain, says Barry R Komisaruk, a psychology professor at Rutgers University. He also asserts that self-stimulation of the front wall of the vagina (where the G-spot is located) can produce a powerful anagelsic effect, thereby increasing pain tolerance by as much as 50 per cent. 

1 in 6
Sex is great for the sleepless. A study conducted by UK bodycare brand Sanctuary Spa found that one in six women experience longer and deeper sleep after sex.

7 to 8 years
Women who professed enjoying their sex lives were found to have lived seven to eight years longer than those who didn’t, according to a Duke University study that was conducted over a period of 25 years. Researchers, however, said that longevity does depend on other factors too, like health, intelligence and activities that the women engaged in.

2 weeks
In a study published in Biological Psychology, researchers from University of the West of Scotland say women respond better to stressful situations when they have had intercourse at least once in the previous two weeks, compared with those who abstained or engaged in other sexual activities. The former were less uptight about speaking in public and doing verbal arithmetic due to the stress-busting hormones – endorphins and oxytocin – the body releases during sex.

This article was originally published in Simply Her May 2015.