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10 things that are making your boobs sag

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Crash Dieting
If you’re a yo-yo dieter who’s constantly gaining and losing weight, your breast tissue will lose its elasticity and start to droop. To stay perky, lose or gain weight slowly and sensibly to give your skin time to adapt.

Smoking breaks down elastin (which keeps your skin looking young), and weakens and ages the skin around your breasts, causing them to appear stretched and saggy. Just another reason to give up the habit!

Forgetting the Sunscreen
Sunscreen is always important to block your face from UV rays and prevent premature wrinkles, and the same goes for your boobs. Liberally applying sunblock can prevent your breasts from becoming dehydrated and damaged, which can cause them to sag. 

Wearing The Wrong Bra 
Not having proper support causes your boobs to bounce around, which stresses your breast skin and collagen. Every year or two, have a professional fitting at a lingerie department, to ensure you’re wearing the right bra for your shape. Contrary to hearsay, underwire bras don’t constrict the lymphatic system and trap toxins in the breast tissue to cause or increase breast cancer. Experts say there isn’t no scientific evidence to back this. 

If you’re full-chested, it’s advisable to wear a comfortable t-shirt bra to sleep in, to maintain your shape. 

The bouncing that occurs from running can lead to a breakdown of breast collagen and ultimately sagging. But alternating your exercise between running and swimming, as well as wearing a well-fitted sports bra can help counteract the problem. 

Eating Fatty Foods
Eating excessive amounts of the wrong type of food can affect your tush and tummy, but even your boobs will bear the brunt of those bags of chips or greasy bacon.  That plate of chicken rice is not just going to your waistline. 

Not Moisturising
Moisturising your breasts keeps your breast skin hydrated, which is important when it comes to slowing down the sag. 

Not Working Out
Exercises, particularly those that target the bust, can keep your breasts perky, as they tone the muscles underneath. Just 10-20 repetition sets can be enough to improve muscle tone.

Not Drinking Enough Water
Skipping water can make your skin appear rough, and not just on your face. Drink enough fluids to keep your skin glowing and young looking. 

Getting Pregnant
When you’re pregnant, the ligaments that support your breasts stretch as they get heavier, and the sagging becomes more noticeable with each subsequent pregnancy. However, research has shown that breastfeeding does not affect breast shape or perkiness, so don’t let a fear of sagging breasts stop you from doing it.