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Thai Tea Lava Croissant at CODE (Café of Dessert Enthusiasts) – Bangkok, Thailand


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Can’t get enough of the lava craze? Then you’ve got to get your hands on CODE’s Thai Tea Lava Croissant. Encased in a crisp and fluffy charcoal croissant is a fragrant Thai tea filling that oozes out once cut into. At around S$5 a piece, this baby requires 15-20 minute wait upon making an order. If you’re looking to try more lava-liscious treats the café also serves croissants and Shibuya Toasts stuffed with salted egg, matcha or classic chocolate fillings.

Ice Cream Churro Cones at Eva’s Original Chimneys – Toronto, Canada


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Also known as “Chimneys”, ice cream churro cones are soft bread-like pastries that are generously coated with cinnamon sugar and topped generously with a vanilla soft serve. Originating from Hungary, these audacious cones have a luscious crunchy exterior but are also soft and pillowy on the inside. Priced around S$10, it comes together with a topping of your choice – you can choose from flavours such as Butter Toffee Bits to Whipped Cream Cheese!

Coffee in a Cone at The Grind Coffee Company – Johannesburg, South Africa


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Said to be “the world’s most-Instagrammed” coffee, the Coffee in a Cone is chocolate-lined waffle ice cream cone filled with an espresso or macchiato of your choice. At approximately, S$12 a cone, it is custom made by chef Jill Okkers using a unique recipe, the cones are coated inside with a unique dark chocolate compound that prevents it from melting too fast. Once it’s poured in, you’ve got 10 minutes to drink the coffee before everything melts!

Giant Fluffy Pancakes at Café Gram – Osaka, Japan


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Called ‘Premium Pancakes’, these edible clouds are made of meringue and baked to achieve the ultimate fluffy texture. Each at approximately three centimetres in height, the giant pancakes come in stacks of three and are served with the classic butter, cream and maple syrup. Priced at S$12 a platter, they are in such a high demand they are only sold three times a day with only 20 servings are dished out at each session!

Lava Cookie at Cuckoo Callay – Sydney Australia


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Curiously named the ‘Lost Cookie of Pompeii’, Cuckoo Callay’s lava cookie is a crisp yet soft biscuit cube that’s waiting to be cracked open. Oozing a decadent melted chocolate, the irresistible cookie is topped with peanut butter, mascarpone, banana, crème anglaise and popping candy for an added kick! At S$17 a plate, this sweet treat is one hodge podge of flavours that will leave you back for more.

The Original Rainbow Bagel at The Bagel Store – Brooklyn, New York


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True to its name, the Rainbow Bagel is probably one of the most psychedelic and fun looking treats you’ll ever taste! Sandwiched in-between its trippy exterior is what The Bagel Store calls “Funfetti”, a cream cheese frosting that’s blended with rainbow sprinkles and white cake. At S$9.50 a piece, its topped with a layer of blue and pink cotton candy and is said to taste similar to cereal.

“Mendl’s Courtesan Au Chocolats” at Franks – Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea


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If you’ve caught the show the “Grand Budapest” in the theatres or in the comforts of your home, most would have remembered the eye popping dessert pastry from Mendl’s. This work of art made from choix puffs, chocolate and vanilla custard cream and glazed frosting can now be yours in a striking replica box for under S$15 and you can get a holistic movie experience like no other.

Water Drop Rice Cake at Kinseiken – Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan


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Social media has been a big part of our lives, getting our daily dose of cute, cuddly cats to witnessing great feats by daredevils, but now there’s a new food trend that ensures you would be in awe. Now you can leave your friends stunned as you balance a teardrop in your hand, and even start to eat it and see it not disintegrate into a puddle in front of their eyes. This intriguing dessert was invented using water from the southern Japanese Alps and mixing it with a mysterious substance that barely holds everything together. Get a taste of this culinary magic from the Kinseiken stall located at the Yamanashi prefecture for S$16 when you hop over to Oiishi land.

Varlhona Chocolate Ball Surprise at Pantry – Boston, New York USA

Most people would have heard of the famed Nestle product, Kinder Surprise, and are fond of them and the little trinkets packed within them. The melting chocolate ball mimics that very concept but hides a wonderful assortment of gourmet ice-creams, granola, miniature cakes and the occasional fruits and aromatic flowers that accompanies it. The steep S$30 pricing is due to the limited production each day, however, the price is worth that small corridor of time where we can feel like a child again.

Matcha Softserve Delight at I Cremeria – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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The matcha craze might have begun a little over 2 years ago, nevertheless, the trend only led to increasingly innovative ways of presenting the good ol’ double flavoured soft serve that has grown in popularity and uniquity. When you do drop by to Hong Kong though, be prepared to be shocked when your order of a simple parfait would come accompanied with a half sliced melon. Of course, it wouldn’t make this list if it’s just a simple melon off the shelves from the supermarket, the ones from I Creameria uses the exorbitantly price melons from Japan which you usually wouldn’t take a second look at. All this and more comes at a reasonable price of S$35 considering that very melon could buy you a full meal.

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