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#1 Ball up some aluminium foil and dab it with detergent to tackle dirty glass baking dishes.

#2 Let your squeegee do double duty by running it over carpets to pick up fallen hair.

#3 Coat the bottom of metal soap dishes with clear nail polish to prevent rust stains on your countertops and bathtubs.

#4 Did Junior break a glass again? Grab some sliced bread (soft buns work fine too) to pick up the broken fragments safely.

#5 Clean up major spills (or vomit!) by throwing a few handfuls of flour onto the mess. It’s a faster and more efficient way to absorb the liquid and prevent the spill from spreading than using paper towels. Scoop it all up easily into a dustpan afterwards.

#6 The next time you find yourself struggling to clean irregularly shaped bottles and containers, throw in some uncooked rice grains together with water and dishwashing detergent. Cover and shake well.

#7 Make a DIY crevice attachment for your vacuum cleaner by slipping a used toilet roll over the hose, and folding the tube to the required angle.

#8 Venetian blinds are a pain to clean. Here’s how you can make things easier for yourself: Slip a pair of (clean!) old socks over your hands, spritz the blinds with cleaning solution and start wiping.

#9 Nail polish remover can be used to get rid of glue residue after peeling off stickers and labels.

#10 Give your keyboard a regular pat-down with a clean, old toothbrush to clear out dust and food crumbs.


This story was first published in the digital issue of Simply Her September 2015.