1. VeganBurg

A vegan burger? I can feel all you meat-lovers rolling your eyes to the back of your head, but really, VeganBurg is a dream come true for those who don’t eat meat. And even if you do, why not give it a go anyway? I promise it is just as flavourful as any other meat-filled burger.

2. Fatboy’s


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Tucked away in Upper Thomson, this long established joint is famous for, well, their burgers. With funky names like ‘the yolo’, ‘the Elvis’ and ‘fat basterd’, who can resist? And yes, their burgers are as good as they sound.

3. Potato Head Folk


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Nestled in Keong Saik Road, Potato Head Folk has the right vibe whether you’re there for drinks or you’re there to stuff your face with a burger. With spicy options like their Burning Man or an all out beef burger called Baby Huey (made out of 120g of Angus beef) you will definitely find something that’s going to tickle your fancy.

4. Overeasy

The burgers at this classic American diner replica are literally to die for, (a name of their burger). If you want to go big they’ve got their Double Trouble, which has a double patty and packs double the punch. Truffle lovers, ‘the truffle’ should be your must-try when you head to OverEasy.

5. Burger Joint


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Straight from New York, Burger Joint has made its way to Singapore so you can taste the meaning of an authentic all-American cheeseburger. Complete with American desserts like home-made brownies and milkshakes, I’m not surprised this little joint in Amoy Street brings all the boys and girls to the yard.

6. Butcher’s Club Burgers


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I am no beef expert but if a burger place has different types of beef sourced from the U.S. and Australia, I’d think they take their beef quite seriously at Butcher’s Club Burgers. If you’re not really into burgers though, you can take your pick of beef and have a good ol’ steak.

7. Two Blur Guys


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You know it’s definitely a good place to eat if it’s been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. Having started their burger adventure in 2012, the two blur guys running this burger joint share their passion and love for burgers through creations like a classic prime beef or pulled pork burger, and other options like a smoked salmon or duck rillette burger.

8. BWB Burgers, Wings, Bar


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Yet another American-inspired restaurant, what you can expect is all fleshed out in its name – good burgers, great wings and a good brew. Don’t want to have burgers while you’re there? They serve up other options like pizzas and tapas too. Don’t forget to order some fries on the side as well.

9. Omakase


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Claiming to bring to you an authentic American burger experience, Omakase has won the hearts of many in Singapore with their unpretentious variations of cheeseburgers. From their classic Omakase cheeseburger to the Omakase applewood smoked bacon cheeseburger, you can even double up the patties of any burger of your choice.

10. Third & Sixth Bistrobar


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If you want to have your food accompanied with some great live music and booze, Third & Sixth offers you just that. Apart from the classic cheeseburgers or mushroom-filled burgers, this little bistro-bar also serves up some interesting burgers too like their Jong Un – a beef burger on a bed of salted cucumber, topped with some spicy kimchi.

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