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Singapore DJ, fashion designer, online store owner and model Linda Hao has just released a collaborative capsule collection for Spring Summer 2014 with Singapore illustrator, textile designer and artist Teresa Lim, from art collective Teeteeheehee.

Yesah X Teeteeheehee Capsule Collection SS14 DECOR MAIN

The aptly named “Psychedelic Trip Under The Sea” Yesah X Teeteeheehee Capsule Collection SS14 was influenced by Linda’s current soundtrack composed of “electronic, pillowy synth-disco music” and songs like Shapeshifter by Elephant and Bjork.

“From the way the music flows, she [Linda] started envisioning a mermaid getting lost under the sea, finding her way through corals and sea creatures. She sees the electronic beats as underwater magic, where the charms of sea creatures glisten and reflect a ray of endless glitter of happiness,” goes the press release about the new collection.

“It’s magical how I’m remixing songs into a collection’s concept, instead of a mix tape. This is exactly how I get the inspiration, through sounds and imaginations,” says Linda.

Yesah X Teeteeheehee Capsule Collection SS14 DECOR PRINTYesah X Teeteeheehee Capsule Collection SS14 DECOR SHIRT

After coming up with the idea, Linda then sought out Teresa who also immersed herself in the same track list before coming up with the colours and prints to be used on the collection. “Hearing these tracks that I do not really listen to, opens up a new world to me and I am completely inspired. I literally see colors and prints and from there I knew exactly what I had to draw or paint,” explains Teresa.

What all this conceptualising translates into when it comes to the actual clothes, is a series of casual streetwear pieces ‒ think oversize tees as tunics, loose cut oversize button-up shirts worn as dresses, crop tops and skater skirts in chrome pink, green, lavender or blue and leggings. The Teeteeheehee print is a large brush watercolour effect that’s best on the leggings and oversized, sleeveless t-shirt tunic. It’s also added as details on some of the other pieces.

Yesah X Teeteeheehee Capsule Collection SS14 DECOR TEE

The Yesah X Teeteeheehee capsule collection is a fun, flirty range of easy-wear pieces that would look right at home on the back of a K-Pop star or on a Harajuku street … and will look equally at home in a Singapore fashionista’s wardrobe.

The “Psychedelic Trip Under The Sea” Yesah X Teeteeheehee Capsule Collection SS14 will be available from January 27, 2014, from Temporium at 72-74 Dunlop Street; W.E. – Workshop Element at Westgate #01-34/35, 3 Gateway Drive and online at Prices range from $79 for the leggings to $149 for the bejewelled metallic skirts. You can Follow Yesah on Facebook at, on Tumblr at [Linda’s blog], on Twitter at @yesahhyesahh and on Instagram at @yesahhyesahh. You can also follow the hashtag #yesahxteeteeheehee for more on the collection.