Would you pay $19.90 to 'dabao your kopi'?

There is a tote bag modelled after the old school Kopi bag and guess what – it is completely sold out

Photo: wheniwasfour

So, how do you like your coffee?

Kopi si, siew dai or slung over your shoulder?

If you chose the latter option, you’re in luck. Local label, wheniwasfour, created a tote bag that looks just like an extra-large version of our favourite takeaway coffee sold at coffee shops.


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The local label got the details down to a tea (we couldn’t help ourselves), recreating the glossy texture of the actual takeaway bag with transparent PVC. Retailing at $19.90, each bag even comes with a detachable pink and green handle as well as a straw.

Would you use it?

Call us crazy but we think that this tote definitely has a place in your bag collection. Here’s why:

First and foremost, this bag is quirky yet practical and functional at the same time. Sure it wouldn’t work for the boardroom, but it is a godsend on days when it is raining cats and dogs outside. Also, the dimensions of the bag are 32cm x 42cm x 110com so you can fit all your A4-sized documents comfortably.

Photo: wheniwasfour

Additionally, this tote pays a nod to Singapore’s rich Kopi culture and heritage. Plus, it is a fun piece that will jazz up any casual outfits and what is fashion without a little fun?

Perhaps, fellow discerning shoppers feel the same way as us as it is completely sold out online.

Even though this kooky tote is out of stock, you can still get your hands on these pieces from wheniwasfour that make great conversation starters.


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Visit wheniwasfour’s online store or their brick-and-mortar store located at 261 Waterloo St, S180261.