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Doorstep Luxury gemstones for good fortune THUMBNAIL

Another way to kick off the new year – be it the Lunar New Year or the calendar year – is to juice up your “protection” with the right gemstones.

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Just some of the gorgeous semi-precious gemstone jewellery that you can wear to help boost your health, wealth, peace and protection. All items available from Doorstep Luxury online store.

Doorstep Luxury, one of Singapore’s top e-tailers, has an offering of gemstones to buy and wear that could improve everything from your health to your luck.

According to Singapore numerologist Myichel Sarah Lam, gemstones can “affect the human body because of the radiation through its cosmic forces.”

“The energy of the chosen gemstones for you counter the effect of your weaknesses with its aura integration,” Myichel Sarah told the Doorstep Luxury team.

The featured gemstones are rose quartz for love, amethyst, peridot and sapphire for wealth, aquamarine for peace, blue topaz for leadership, black onyx for protection and citrine for clarity. Check out the gallery below for specific details on each stone’s benefits as well as some suggestions from Doorstep Luxury on how to wear them.

These stones could make a difference to your year; they will certainly make a difference to your wardrobe, whether you believe in their powers or not!

To try one of these pieces of gemstone jewellery, go to Doorstep Luxury to shop. For more information you can email or call 6896 1661 from 10am to 6pm weekdays. Doorstep Luxury delivers next-day in Singapore or express international delivery worldwide.