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Swarovski’s award-winning Swarovski Remix Collection

Even if minimalism is your go-to aesthetic, you won’t be able to resist the delightful options from Swarovski’s award-winning Swarovski Remix Collection. Feminine, elegant and unique, the collection is full of pieces that will effortlessly put the finishing touch on your outfit. And thanks to a magnetic closure that lets you create bracelets and necklaces of various lengths to suit your mood and occasion, it’s the perfect fix for the modern woman who wants to go from desk to drinks in a flash.

Swarovski Remix Collection


Turn two bracelets into a party choker, or link several up for an elegant sautoir for a dinner affair. It’s all about expressing your individual style and having maximum versatility, while complementing the look you want. Then, there are the crystal pavé rose gold letters that allow you to add an even more personal touch; and delicate birthstone and lucky charms like the evil eye or hamsa hand that are as perfect for your best friend as they are for yourself.

Swarovski’s award-winning Swarovski Remix Collection 


As Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin says of the new collection: “Jewellery is an expression of our individual personality, our style and taste. It is very personal and can therefore give a strong identity to every single look. At Swarovski we believe in empowering women to express themselves through our jewellery, to shine brightly and let their sparkle light up the world all day.”



The Swarovski Remix Collection is available at all Swarovski outlets and on Zalora from 9 August.