Stephanie Crespin of StyleTribute wants you to start embracing second hand fashion

You can get the brands you love, you can get them at up to 70% and you'll never have to worry bout their authenticity


Founded by Stephanie Crespin, shopping on StyleTribute is equivalent to shopping off a fashion dictionary where A stands for Alexander Wang all the way to Z for Zegna. We sat down with her on why you should shop on StyleTribute (you can get up to 70% off your favourite brands), how you can sell your things (seriously, just click a button) and how far the team goes to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase.


Located at #01-485/486 Suntec City at the North Atrium, StyleTribute has a pop-up store for you to try and then buy some of the items they've curated.


Stephanie wants you to feel the thrill of finding vintage things
What drew me towards vintage and preloved fashion goes back to the thrill of uncovering unique pieces at flea markets, thrift stores and hidden gems across my travels, where each item held a sense of rarity in its story, intrigue and curiosity were the drivers to pursuing a passion as oppose to a profession.

You’re doing good to your wallet and the environment when you shop on StyleTribute
This started when I adopted an interest for environmental economics in university when I enrolled in a course, studying the economic impact of environment policies. At that moment the ordinary mortal, well at least I, was not sensitized to how gravely the fashion industry was affecting our environment. However, fast fashion stores were flourishing everywhere, while the concept of society of consumerism was not new. I initially wanted to build a business repurposing vintage finds in collaboration with artists and give each piece a contemporary feel. There are so many fashion pieces that have potential and yet get thrown away blindly.


For the rock chicks, we recommend YSL's sexiest pumps in faux-alligator skin and a classic biker jacket.


You’ll never find fast fashion on StyleTribute, only great designer pieces at great prices.

The resale market boasts amazing deals. You can find pieces at up to 10% of retail price for little gems. Hence, giving such attractive price, it enables fashion aficionados accessibility to certain pieces they could not have afforded otherwise and turn away from their only option of affordable fashion offered by fast fashion. This gives the chance to consumers to discover the quality of luxury pieces and become loyal consumers.


StyleTribute’s products are sourced from across the globe.

At first, many of our products were sourced in Europe from my personal network. But those days are long gone and most of our products are sourced in Singapore while certain collector’s or special pieces come from Paris to Tokyo. One of our first clients was moving to a black and white colonial house and was concerned that the humidity would damage her gowns. Another client had accumulated beautiful and unique Louis Vuitton vintage pieces but lost her passion for the French label and wanted to sell them for a decent price. Our assortment is complemented by unique pieces we hunt down and careful select from sales in auction sales or vintage stores. Most of these pieces are purchased by our fashion team in Paris, Bruxelles or Milan, some of the pieces are also shopped in Tokyo.


Even if you can't afford anything on StyleTribute, you can take some cues from Stephanie herself. Leopard print only looks good when it's worn simply - matching colours and with light makeup.


StyleTribute curates everything so that you don’t have to look far for your favourite brands.
Our main criteria is style, not brand. Style is much more difficult to assess and requires fashion and luxury expertise to know what is trending and what is coveted and can sell. In fact, StyleTribute has a rejection rate of 30-40 per cent. Despite this, we have one of the widest assortments of pre-loved fashion goods and accessories ranging from the biggest luxury houses like Chanel or Hermes to more niche, exclusive brands like The Row, or Jacquemus in SEA.



It’s easy to sell your products on StyleTribute, all you have to do is ask.

StyleTribute offers two options for selling your designer wardrobe:

1) The seller uploads pictures of the items through our app, then we manage the entire process - Our team beautifies the pictures to put online and once the item is sold, we send our team free-of-charge to a seller’s home/office to pick up the items. Our team then quality checks everything, packages and ships it to the buyer.

2) Alternatively, if the seller wants to make room in her closet immediately, she can request the “white glove” service, where a courier picks up the clothes and delivers it to headquarters where we take care of the photography and the rest. Once an item is sold, up to 82% of the earnings are transferred to the seller.


Every once in a while, StyleTribute collaborates with the most stylish Singaporeans to help sell off their most fashion-forward items. Pictured her is ex-Miss Singapore Colleen Fracisca with her most-wanted heels.


You will never find a fake item on StyleTribute.
It is central to StyleTribute’s mission that all our products are authenticated. Our guarantee of authenticity is so important to us that we put each item to the test twice: once it arrives at the warehouse and once it leaves the warehouse when it is sold. To further bullet-proof the authentication process, StyleTribute uses expert partners who are reputable and specialised in their respective fields. Every item we receive at our warehouse is subject to a strict authentication process and our team of experts inspects every piece according to the brand, the category, the model and the year of production. They examine the brand stamps, hardware, serial and date codes, hologram stickers to name but a few. Most importantly, you get a life-long authenticity guarantee.

They really do go all out to make sure you have the best level of service.
We have had crazy requests but the one I personally prefer was the day I got in all-inclusive weekend in Bali because one of our VIP customers had lost her luggage before her best friend’s wedding. She needed several outfits and pleaded us to send someone with a luggage of pieces to style her. I gladly accepted and went personally (flight and hotel paid for) – and spent a terrific time. Most of the times, the requests which can take some time to satisfy are the ones for very specific collectors’ items. Example: Birkins of certain colours, limited edition pieces or special vintage jewellery we source from Europe. We have a strong network of vintage fashion resellers which can come in handy when we are looking for something specific.

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