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When it comes to the world of skinny jeans, we have very very lofty expectations of them (sometimes, more than the men in our lives if we’re being honest). They have to be high-rise to prevent a muffin top, skinny enough to fit into the boots we wear, soft with the right thickness to not look like jeggings and finally, stretchy but not goes-out-of-shape-easily stretchy. Ladies, Levi’s latest 720 High Rise Super Skinny does all four.



Each pair of jeans are manufactured with the brand’s HyperSoft and HyperSculpt technology – a blend of Tencel Lyocell (the former is a sustainable fabric made from wood cellulose and the latter a fabric made from dissolved wood pulp) that stretches, sculpts and molds to your body for a perfect fit. Whilst some of us are sadly used to the concept of changing our skinny jeans every few months because they go out of shape, trust us on this – these ones don’t.



“The high-rise is super important, it’s becoming the new normal. I think the new 720 High Rise Super Skinny is going to be a very important fit for her – it’s so comfortable and flattering. The extra stretchy waistband and high-but-not-too-high rise keeps you tucked in without feeling constricted; all the better to appreciate how long your legs look in this fit,” — said Jill Guenza, Global VP of Women’s Design at Levi Strauss & Co.

The Levi’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny comes in 12 colours with prices ranging from $119.90. They’ll be available come 11th April at all Levi’s stores and on