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Credits: Pomelo, Love, Bonito

Work wear plays an integral part of our wardrobe because we spend so much time at the office — well, for some of us at least. It’s important to look good while you’re on the clock. When you look good, you feel good and that will make you more productive, right?

Many office ladies buy their work outfits from the usual fast fashion retailers. From their trend-driven pieces to their quality classics, they almost never disappoint. But, there’s just one problem. You sometimes find yourself in the same dress as someone else while having lunch at the canteen — awkward much?

Now’s the time to switch things up a little! Here are 7 great online sites that you should consider adding to your rotation. They offer an affordable selection of work-ready staples to year-round elevated basics giving those fast-fashion powerhouses a run for their money. 

7 best Singapore online stores for work wear

1. Our Second Nature

Founded by Lauren Tan and The Collate Label’s founder, Velda Tan, the clothing line focuses on luxe yet minimal aesthetics. Since its inception in 2017, the brand has already established a loyal following for its neutral colour palette and modest silhouettes. The brand is also known for pieces that are good for layering as they are well-cut and suitable for both work and play.

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2. Pomelo

This Bangkok based fashion e-tailer took Singapore by storm when it first launched its website featuring its two signature lines, Studio & Soho. Over the years since its debut, the brand has continuously grown and have garnered the likes of many in our local community — and by now, you could say that it’s one of the top few go-to fashion labels for many office women out there. With a wide selection of clothes to choose from, including blouses, dresses, skirts, and basically any apparel you need for all sorts of occasions, you can bet that Pomelo has it all.

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3. Love, Bonito

Local fashion label, Love, Bonito, needs no introduction. Well-loved by many for its unique silhouettes and designs, it’s no surprise that many of us office ladies tend to opt for pieces from Love, Bonito to update our wardrobes with. Made for women, by women, the fashion label is now a multimillion-dollar fashion empire. Though many have said that retail is tough or even dying, but yet, for Love Bonito’s founder, Rachel Lim, she shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the business has opened multiple stores across the island over the years, with its most recent flagship outlet at ION Orchard.

It’s clear why many love the brand — it’s chic, sleek, and very appropriate especially for the office ladies. There are also other options for you to choose from if you’re looking for a new outfit for a certain occasion. The options are endless.

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4. Beyond The Vines

What’s there not to love about our local fashion label, Beyond The Vines? It’s minimalistic, modern, fuss-free yet stylish. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting, the brand has steadily garnered a lot of attention for their brand, and for good reason. They offer unique designs that are accessible to all and are easy to match with any piece of clothing in your wardrobe. While you’re at it, you should also consider its iconic Dumpling Bag that has been well received for its adorable yet practical silhouette — making it the perfect accessory when you’re on-the-go.

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5. Love & Bravery

With a long-standing presence of over 16 years, this local fashion label is still ‘in the game’. Known for its statement pieces and everyday wear for modern women, here, you’ll find sleek and chic outfits that are great for your 9 to 5 routine and you can be sure that it’s made from great quality fabrics.

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6. Klarra

Prefer a look that’s more muted and versatile yet sleek and chic? Consider Klarra. The local fashion label is best known for its cutting edge designs that are distinctive and wearable — and is made with quality fabrics. What we love most about their pieces is that it can be easily paired with any apparel proving its versatility, and it’s totally apt for the office.

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7. In Good Company

If you have an eye for elevated basics with a twist, the local fashion brand, In Good Company, is the real deal. Offering a wide range of functional basics, In Good Company is the perfect option for edgy modern women. It’s chic, fun and versatile — and not to mention, it spices up your look without going overboard.

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