Shop online with these 5 tips and you’ll never have to return anything again

Work these 5 online shopping tips into your shopping routine and you’ll never have to use a return label on anything ever again

I am a total online shopping junkie, but it’s not by choice. I relish the idea of buying from a brick and mortar store because I am such a huge perfectionist when it comes to shopping. 

I need to know how the items look at all angles, how it fits, how the material feels, the exact hue (because screen resolutions might affect the colour), and the list goes on; a barrage of concerns before I can commit to a purchase. 

So I often find myself stuck in a “to return or not return” dilemma when the goods that arrive aren't exactly what I envisioned them to be.

Doing returns is a huge hassle and there’s also the fear of lost packages that might cause me to lose both the item and my money.

If I had a choice, I'd try to avoid online shopping. Unfortunately, most of the labels I love are not available in Singapore.

Online shopping is the only way I can purchase them without spending money on travel and it also offers a far greater selection of colours and sizes than I will find locally. 

So, after many years of online shopping, I have worked out 5 super handy tips that will definitely keep the returns labels at bay. 

#1 Look past the styling on the site
First and foremost, do not ever be taken in by the impeccable styling on the site. That’s digital visual merchandising. Make sure that you like the item on its own and not because of how it looked from the way it was styled. 

#2 Google the item 
Google the exact product name to see the product on a non-sample size person or photographed in a different way. There are also plenty of haul videos on youtube where people do reviews with the actual item. This can help you can get a more realistic idea of what it looks like. 

#3 Check the actual measurements 
Size charts are in abundance, but the conversions are not always accurate. Click through the size and fit tab to get actual measurements of the garment in the size that you are going to purchase. If they are not available, I usually do a bit of research on the brand to find out about the cut, how it usually fits and if they run true to size. 

#4 Find a celebrity fit 
There are instances where a garment looks terrible on me even though the measurements were all accurate. Find out what your body shape is and identify the celebrities that have a similar body shape to see what styles they are wearing. You will notice a pattern in their dressing and you can adopt that formula. What’s more, you get ideas on how to complete your look. 

#5 Compare it with something you have
This can help in your decision making process when you are trying out a new product. For example, if you like the material of your bag and how it holds its shape, you should look out for bags that have the same material composition. This also works on many pieces of clothing such as denim, t-shirts, blazers and even lingerie. 

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