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Blisters, sore soles and crumpled toes are NOT the way we wish to live our lives, thank you very much.  Yet so many heeled shoes leave our feet in this state by the end of the long day – particularly if we’ve worn them since 8am for work. There has to be a middle ground for looking stylish as well as being able to stand up post 6pm. In fact, wouldn’t it be swell if we could keep alternative comfortable shoes on us at all times, ready to switch when the stiletto lets us down?

Oh, hello foldable flats.

These bad boys are your feet (and style) saviour.

Gripz Bliz Metallic Foldable Flats, $76.90 from Zalora

Butterfly Twists Lauren Loafer Shoes (Black), $65 from Lazada

Gripz Ballet Round Toe Foldable Flats $73.90 from Zalora

Butterfly Twists Olivia (Cream/Black), $30 from Lazada

Butterfly Twists Jade Slip On Shoes (Grey Dalmatian), $60 from Lazada


Gripz Mate Round Toe Foldable Flats, $76.90 from Zalora

Butterfly Twists Jasmin Loafer (Navy), $65 from Lazada

Butterfly Twists Jaime (Navy), $40 from Lazada

Butterfly Twists Alexandra (Black), $65 from Lazada

Butterfly twists Jade Slip On Shoes (Raspberry), $40 from Lazada