Here’s the eco-bag to top all eco-bags - and why you should get it

Built to be light but indestructible, each Crapchute bag can hold over 660 times its own weight

Photo: We The People


Founded by former professional skydiver and Federal Aviation Administration master parachute rigger Jonathan Zar, Cali-based Crapchute makes tough but lightweight bags using ripstop fabric - a tear-, mildew-, and water-resistant nylon and polyester blend used for yacht sails, hot air balloons, and parachutes.


Photo: We The People


Each 68g bag does heavy lifting (up to 45kg of stuff), and the tight weaving of the ripstop prevents tears from spreading. The machine-washable tote also has a reversible pocket in front that holds an iPhone X, keys and a small wallet, and, like a parachute, allows the bag to be folded into itself.

Photo: We The People


In three designs - Tribal, Surfboard, and Tiger - at We The People, for $39.90 each.


This story was first published in the May 2018 issue of Her World.