Pazzion’s Mummy + Me collection is for mothers, daughters and everybody else who wants trendy shoes for the party season

Flowery sneakers, dainty ballet flats, rhinestone sneakers and their matching mini-mes

It's been many seasons but if there's one thing we can't get enough of, it's the fuzzy sneaker. In calf leather and priced at $93 for the adult size and $69 for the mini.

The latest phenomenon on Instagram that’s guaranteed to rake in the likes isn’t cute pictures of your pets, that perfectly laid out brunch or #topshelf beauty photos anymore. Instead, people are looking to Beyonce and Kim Kardashian for inspiration and what do they have in common? Matching #ootds with their kids; Blue Ivy who dons matching hairstyles with the former and North West who’s perpetually in mini-Yeezy sets with the latter.

The fool-proof holiday shoe: a champagne coloured pair of loafers. In calf leather and priced at $79 for the adult size and $63 for the mini. 

And that whole I’m-going-to-make-my-daughter-a-mini-me phenomenon that’s guaranteed to ring the cash register isn’t lost on local label Pazzion who has rolled out a Mummy + Me line. The eight party-ready and trendy shoes (studs, pompoms and rhinestones aplenty) when shrunk down to their mini versions, are the exact same design. What does this mean? Mini-me dressing that’s for any party, any occasion and for anybody (yes yes, even if you’re just hankering for a pair of cute shoes).

One part cutesy and the other goes from casual to formal based on what you wear: consider a pair of polka dotted flats for the holiday season. In pony hair and priced at $79 for the adult size and $66 for the mini. 

The collection is now available on and at all their outlets. It starts at $36 for a pair of kid’s slippers to $93 for a pair of adult pompom sneakers.