Our mother's day gift of choice from one of the happiest places on Earth

It isn't just for moms too, it's for the sister who loves to bullet journal or the colleague who's hyper organised

If we're being honest here, the happiest places on Earth includes Disney Land, Universal Studios Singapore, Sephora or for those of us who're more stationery-inclined, it'll be a kikki.K store. And the Swedish brand knows this - their Mother's Day paraphernalia isn't just limited to the great women who raised us, it's for the women who loves to bullet journal, stay hyper organised or like the rest of us, appreciate cute stationery to make those office days just a little more bright. 

The collection comprises of notebooks such as one that's titled Moments and Memories that's perfect for scrapbooking or, Words of Wisdom, a tome which features 48 inspirational quotes on life and motherhood (priced at $24.90 each). If you have a deft hand and the ultimate confidence in your penmanship, greeting cards are available too for a special love letter to the special woman in your life (priced at $6.90 each).

And for the first time since the brand's inception, personalised gift cards are available too at a minimum of $10. They're purchasable on or if you still believe in the heartfelt feelings of a handwritten letter, head down to their stores today. 

The kikki.K Mother's Day collection will be available this month.