Melissa’s FW’18 shoes are ones that you can wear out all day, all night

Comfortable shoes + a night out = All the money you can save on cab fares

Photo: For the girly girl, the Mary Jane design of the Believe shoe is sure to please. A delicate front strap and rounded buckle is as ‘60s as it gets. Price: $120.

Prepping for a night out is almost akin to going to war – you round up the girls (that’s strategising), put on your best makeup (that’s camo-paint) and finally, you decide on an outfit (and that’s battle gear).

But nothing really ruins a night more than wearing shoes that force you to cut it short and end up taking a taxi by yourself.

For Melissa’s FW’18 shoe collection titled Open Vibes, every shoe is made in mind for the perfect night out (swap night with work, brunch and etc).

An iconic design from Melissa, the Mar Sandal now comes in even more colours – a black and white duo, red and pink, beige and white or if you want to keep it lowkey, go for blue, black, pink and glittery silver. Price $95.

Simply put, the Melissa Bend is a moccasin slip-on style. Why we’re in love with it? Two words – Slip On. Price $130.

Part of the Special Price range (aka more affordable prices for Melissa’s shoes), the Prana loafer is a no-frills but high-in-style-points that looks as good on the girliest of dresses as it does with denim.

Other than shoes, Melissa also has cute accessories on offer.

It’s been five seasons but our appetite for a bumbag hasn’t waned and this season, we’re in love with Melissa’s rendition – a Velcro crossing, adjustable belt and an iridescent pink & gold glittery finish. Price $95.

More of a day bag than a night one (but hey, no one’s judging), the Bag Pack is what you want when the Brazilian brand really loves a UK design inspiration (and that’s The Cambridge Satchel Company). It sits comfortably over the shoulders, has all the hallmarks of what we love about the latter and comes in a glossy everyday black. Price $195.

The Melissa FW'18 is now available in stores.