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In the fast and ever-changing fashion world, few things can transcend time and trends, and emerge as true classics. One of the most timeless and recognisable designs is of course monograms.

Not only do they look good, monograms are also incredibly easy to style. Wear them with solid hues to keep your look understated or go pattern-on-pattern whenever you’re in a “go big or go home” mood.

Photo: Bonia

Monograms have come a long way. Over the decades, major fashion houses have continuously refreshed their brand logos to keep things exciting for fans. Celebrities, models and influencers worldwide have also shown their liking for monograms, carrying logo-laden handbags and sporting head-to-toe logomania looks in real life and for social media.

The latest fashion label to give its logo a fresh spin is Bonia. For the past three decades, the Italian-inspired lifestyle brand has been famous for its iconic monogram pieces. This year, as Bonia celebrates a key milestone — its 48th anniversary — it introduces a new monogram called La Luna.

Above: La Luna Sonia Bag in brown, Bonia. Photo: Bonia
Above: La Luna Venice Bag, Bonia. Photo: Bonia

La Luna, as the name suggests, is inspired by the varying phases of the moon. But that’s not all. It also incorporates the brand’s storied heritage and expertise.

Look closely and you’ll see that the interwoven B’s mimic the outline of crescent moons. This enchanting and visually stunning design creates a romantic and ravishing look on the backpacks, sling bags, satchels and more.

Above: Ayla Bucket Bag, Bonia. Photo: Bonia
Above: Helene Shoulder Bag, Bonia. Photo: Bonia
Above: Amaris small crossbody bag, Bonia. Photo: Bonia

The La Luna designs form part of the new Autumn/Winter 2022 collection which features many classic and chic pieces that are made to complete and elevate your outfit. That’s not the only thing that’ll get all Bonia fans excited.

Photo: Bonia

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