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It’s safe to say that South Korean actress Kim So-Hyun brightens any room she’s in. Kim has been acting for close to two decades and has been a household name ever since her breakout role as young Lady Yoon Bo-Kyung in the 2012 period K-drama “Moon Embracing the Sun”. Now, the Hallyu star is adding yet another title to her impressive, ever-growing resume. 

On a recent afternoon (14 November) inside an event hall in Taipei 101, it’s easy to see why the 24-year-old was roped in by Merz Aesthetics to front its new Skin Revival Treatment. Dressed in an cream-coloured off shoulder number, the “My Lovely Liar” star was surreally dewy. 

The appointment is an “exciting” one for Kim. “I’m thrilled to be back in Taiwan after so many years. This time, I’m back as regional ambassador of Merz Aesthetics Skin Revival Treatment, which is such an exciting opportunity and I’m glad to see everyone today,” she shares.

Credit: Merz Aesthetics

And it seems the leading lady was just as excited to tuck into some authentic Taiwanese fare. “I really like milk tea and feng li su (pineapple cake),” she shares.

Through the press conference, we find that Kim, stunning as she may be when she steps out, has a relatable, laid-back take on beauty. “Stay hydrated, put back moisture in your skin and always apply sunscreen before going out.” 

A firm believer of skinimalism (a beauty movement that favours a carefully curated, pared-back routine designed to achieve maximum results with minimum time, effort and products), Kim turns to Merz Aesthetics Skin Revival Treatment to achieve her luminous, lit-from-within visage. 

Credit: Merz Aesthetics

To Kim, Skin Revival Treatment is step zero in her skincare regimen, “practising skinimalism is a great idea. [Through] a skincare aesthetic step that addresses problem areas and maintains skin clarity and texture without having to put in a lot of effort and time.”

Created with an innovative Dynamic Cross-Linking Technology (DCLT), Merz Aesthetics Skin Revival treatment is an aesthetic treatment designed to deliver hydrating and bio-stimulating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerol into the skin at long-lasting depths — something that is hard to achieve with topical creams and serums alone. 

It stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid long-term and restores the skin’s barrier. To top it off, it is also said to improve discolouration and moisturise for up to nine months.

Kim says the treatment is for everyone but particularly for “those thinking of boosting skin glow and hydration [to] provide your skin and yourself with the confidence you deserve.”