If we're going to put it simply, we like holidays. What we don't like? Everything that happens before we check-in to our hotel which is to say, the journey to our destination. If you're a late packer, detest what the lack of humidity on an airplane does to your skin or, feel your anxiety prickling your skin when you don't see your luggage on the conveyor belt, we have good news. That is, we can help you alleviate the latter issue. 

From left to right: City Pack S, $249, Cotton Bi Patch, $289, City Pack S, $249, Cotton Grey C, $329. 



A collection of 14 emoji plastered (or literally in the shape of one) bags, Kipling's latest collection is here to tell the world (or a disgruntled customs officer) that hey, you're on a holiday to have fun. Or, this is me please let me through. And in true Kipling fashion, they're utilitarian without sacrificing style - backpacks come in either a heavyweight durable cotton or, a soft denim-like fabric that doesn't weigh you down. And yes, these bags are literally in the shape of emojis. 

Pictured left to right: Emoji Face Cross Shoulder Bag, $85. 



And the summer vibes don't stop there - several bags come with meditarranean inspired stripes too with emojis on them and banana keyrings, a very tropical looking Kipling monkey toy or, if you'd like, a purchasable emoji puller if you're looking to personalise an existing bag

From left to right: Carter Emoji Stripe, $229, Art Mini Emoji, $249, Carter Pink Emoji, $229.



From now until April 22, you'll also get to a receive a set of emoji stick-on patches with any purchase of emoji bags. We don't think you'd need any more emojis on them but here's several ones you can stick them on instead. 

The Kipling Emoji collection is now sold at all Kipling stores.