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Kate Spade Saturday Thumb

It’s easy to spot the Kate Spade Saturday store in Ion Orchard. The brand new shopfront beckons shoppers with the liberal use of sunny yellow – the brand’s signature colour. Fun prints and clean lines are what hit you the moment you step in. It’s like being in a fashion wonderland; there’s a cheery mood and everything catches your eye – from the watercolour abstract patterned dresses to the purses in a variety of pop hues.

“The concept for Kate Spade Saturday came from the idea that Saturday is the best day of the week. It’s a relaxed day where anything can happen. We wanted to build a brand based on this feeling of optimism and spontaneity,” explained Theresa Canning Zast, vice president and divisional creative director of Kate Spade Saturday, who flew into Singapore for the private preview of the store on October 25, 2013. The bright smile doesn’t leave her face as she walks us through the store and we reckon she epitomises the brand’s DNA to a T.

Although we can imagine the Kate Spade Saturday girl standing right before us in the form of Canning Zast, we can’t help but want to know more about the brand’s shopper. Canning Zast said, “The Kate Spade Saturday girl is attracted to the Kate Spade New York lifestyle but not quite ready for it yet – she’s looking for something casual, accessible and fun!”

Canning Zast pointed out the different patterns seen on the various Weekend bags in the store, “She is comfortable making a statement with what she wears — so she likes bold pattern and color. She values good design. She looks at everything from Paris shows to Seoul fashion week and CherryBomb to People magazines. Her references are mixed, global and modern. She is an individual.”

Saturday is also the day of the week new products hit the store and website – shoppers will never get bored with what’s on display. “Our target customer uses her phone to move fluidly between reading content, scrolling socials channels, and shopping. There is a high demand for what’s new. We wanted to give her what she is looking for, new products each week both in our stores and our website.”

She continued, “There is thoughtful design behind each and every one of our products and showcasing a curated group each week gives us an opportunity to highlight these design details appropriately,” said the creative director who then demonstrated the different ways the Three-Way tote can be carried.

We have to admit, the designs are pretty clever, like the witty one liners on the iPhone covers. Plus, the same classic clean lines also extend to their lifestyle range – the minimalist Graphic Pitcher and Everyday Teapot are great examples.

We can’t decide what we love better – the playful colour palette, the classic designs or the multifunctionality. So we will let Canning Zast show you her favourite Kate Spade Saturday products and their fun design aspects in the video below.

The Kate Spade Saturday store is at #B1-27/27A Ion Orchard. For more information on Kate Spade Saturday, go to Follow the brand on Facebook at, and Instagram @ks_Saturday