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Everyone wants to look and feel attractive. But looking sexy is never easy, especially when sex appeal is highly subjective. That’s not to say it’s a lost cause when it comes to finding ways to boost your sex appeal. We say small things count — especially when they play up your natural beauty and personality. Here are five tips on how you can enhance your allure without losing yourself (or wearing revealing bodycon dresses).

1. Collarbone over décolletage

Flaunting your cleavage can sometimes have the opposite effect of what you’re going for. Instead of coming across too strong, choose to highlight your collarbone instead, a body part that is often associated with grace and sophistication. Opt for off-shoulder tops and dresses for a casual yet girlish feel, or you could unbutton the top few buttons of an oversized shirt and let one end hang off a shoulder for a more carefree vibe.

2. Flaunt your wrists

The wrist is an oft-neglected body part that should be given more attention. After all, the glands in your wrists emit pheromones, which can trigger feelings of attraction. That’s surely good enough reason to show them off, so roll up your sleeves and let them shine.


3. Make eye contact

They say one’s eyes are the window into the soul. So it’s clear that eye contact (and maintaining it) is a powerful way to show people what you’re made of. By keeping eye contact steady, you’re telling others that you’re confident, powerful and capable of commanding attention. Add a pair of glasses to the mix, it’ll make you look brainy and sexy at the same time.

4. Less is more

It’s a common impulse to want to bare more when you’re going for a sexier vibe. But sometimes, less (skin) is more. We suggest teasing a little when it comes to your apparel. The rule of thumb is this: Aim for balance. If you’re baring your legs, keep your chest and back covered to keep the spotlight on your pins. If you’re going backless, make sure your dress is long and your chest is well covered. That way, you’ll come across as alluring instead of a try-hard — always a good thing in our books.



5. It’s all about the shoes

Your shoes can say a lot about you. The right pair of shoes can make you look stylish, confident and cool, while the wrong pair can make you look ungainly. That doesn’t mean you have to go for towering platform heels. A sensible pair can still make you look like a million bucks, with the right design. Try a pair of nude flats (but with pointy tips) — they provide an illusion of elongated legs. Or go for block heel court shoes in a colour other than black. Make sure they’re of the right size so you can strut confidently.