Hazy Daze hat, $29.90, Billabong

If you are heading outdoors, why not add a hat to your outfit – this Billabong hat will provide the most chic sun protection

The problem with hats is they have to be stored carefully to retain its shape. But not this Billabong hat. Made of specially treated paper, the hat can be tossed into any bag and still retains its structure even after being squashed between the other contents you are toting around.

This topper has a wide enough brim to protect your face and back of neck from the sun – making it a natural choice for the beach. This is not your ordinary Jason Mraz hipster hat - the braided faux suede band gives off a western (think cowboy) feel that goes perfectly with cut-off denim shorts and provides a balance against the girlie vibe of breezy sundresses.