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Living in Singapore, a winter holiday seems rather magical and fascinating. After all, it seems like a reprieve from the searing hot weather we’re used to here. But if you’ve ever been on a winter holiday and dealt with the furious combination of snow, rain and wind, you’ll know that dressing warmly and fashionably for the winter season is not an easy feat.

It’s not enough to just have any pair of boots or a standard parka. Once either item gets dampened, it takes forever to air dry and you’ll be stuck feeling wet, cold and miserable. Ever tried walking around with drenched boots and socks? It is a day-ruiner.

And the solution to the winter problems come in the form of footwear and apparel from Geox, made with proprietary technology to be water-resistant, breathable and comfortable.

Geox is known for the versatile pieces that can be worn for work or dressed down for the weekends (from sleek leather pumps to comfy sneakers). However, their use of patented technology for winter clothing is rather ingenious, which is why we’ve decided to shed a spotlight on them.


Geox’s shoes are waterproof yet breathable and comfortable

Winter countries tend to be wet and cold, that is a given. Without proper waterproof footwear, your usual trainers and boots aren’t able to keep your feet warm and dry. Regardless of how many layers of socks you put on, it becomes terribly cold and miserable once the shoe gets wet.


Geox’s solutions to these problems are their Kaula and Hosmos footwear ranges, that feature their trademark Amphibiox technology. Shoes with this technology have both their leather upper and soles constructed with a unique micro-porous membrane. These pores on the membrane act like valves – they allow sweat to evaporate and exit, while not allowing water droplets to breach and enter.

Consequently, this membrane has several notable traits. Not only does it have waterproofing abilities, the membrane is breathable as it allows excess heat and sweat to be expelled from the shoe so that your feet will remain comfortably warm but not suffocated.

Furthermore, Geox uses a unique sole made with EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). Not only is the material lightweight, it has flexibility and pliability, which makes every step you take comfortable with ease.

Finally, both the Kaula and Hosmos series are made with faux fur lining, trapping extra air that adds extra insulation critically needed in winter weather. Laces not only serve a decorative purpose, they allow you to adjust to fit to the snugness you require. You can even tuck your skinny jeans into the Hosmos boots before lacing it up to create a more airtight, wind-blocking ensemble.


Not only will they keep you warm, the jackets are fashionable too

Winter jackets commonly found in the market have two common issues. Firstly, they are limited in designs in the sense that each jacket has only one way of wearing it. And unless you have unlimited wardrobe space, getting multiple parkas with different patterns and silhouettes are out of the question. Moreover, winter jackets are padded and shaped in a boxy, figure-less silhouette that isn’t exactly the most flattering.

But as part of Geox’s Fall/Winter 2018 drop, the Kaula and Vivyanne collections stand out from the crowd and address both issues mentioned above.

Available in either a vest or jacket, the Kaula is a mid-length reversible design. One side features a solid-coloured coat made with memory polyester, which moulds to the shape of your body with repeated wears, and the other is covered with eco lapin fur that adds a different stylistic detail. Wearing the jacket on either side doesn’t compromise on its insulating properties and it scores on the versatility front as you are getting two looks in one.

The Vivyanne on the other hand also features a reversible design – one side is floral patterned while the other is a single solid colour. Made with eco-down padding, the Vivyanne has a double-way zipper that adds extra protection against the cold.


Similar to the Kaula, the Vivyanne has a waist rope detail where you are able to adjust the fit and manipulate the silhouette that the jacket gives. Overindulged in Hokkaido winter slopes’ desserts or Zermatt’s cheese fondues, and now your waist-line’s starting to show? Loosen the strings and go for a boxier look. Otherwise you can cheat an hourglass waist by pulling it tight.

And true to Geox’s technical expertise, these two jackets also feature the signature microporous membrane that aids with breathability and comfort. Using the principle of convection where heat rises, the membrane is placed at special breathing tape found on the shoulders of the jackets which allows excess heat and humidity to escape while maintaining the apparel’s water-resistant qualities.

But if you thought that Geox is just a brand that caters to winter travels, you would be missing out on great footwear – the main bread-and-butter of the brand. Other styles of footwear are available as well, including Vivyanne (two styles – leather pumps with front buckle detail and ankle boots) and Bibbiana (leather stilettos).

Geox shoes are available at all boutiques in Singapore (Marina Square, Suntec City, Great World City, VivoCity, Centrepoint and Raffles City) while the apparels are exclusively available at Marina Square, Suntec City, Centrepoint, Raffles City and VivoCity.