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It all started with an assembly of random images from his books a year ago.

Through a simple and straightforward process of selecting, cutting and printing chosen images onto T-shirts, Gabriele Gattozzi’s collection of personal icons grew, and was aptly christened Gallery of Icons (GoI) by the Italian journalist.

GoI aims to combine a personal story with current trends through the assemblage of carefully selected and re-produced “conversation tees”, and is part of a larger project named “Make Your Very Own Fashion!”

Taking precedence from “Mnemosyne – The Atlas of Images”, a definitive showcase of all-time icons gathered by the late art historian, Abraham Moritz “Aby” Warburg, Gabriele has put together a condensed and synthesized collection of 20th and 21st century icons across the fields of art and design, architecture, fashion, music and history.

The collection of conversation tees will be on display at Actually, a boutique known for carrying premium indie designer labels, from May 19 to 22.

All “Gallery of Icons” conversation tees are only produced on demand, and in a numbered edition with personalized packaging.

Actually is located at 29A Seah Street, Singapore 188385. For more information visit