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So it’s the beginning of the month and I’ve just checked my horoscope at Susan Miller’s website

My colleagues turned me on to the personable and often lengthy astrologer, saying she does very accurate forecasts.

This has become a monthly habit. Even if I don’t remember half of what Ms Miller says — she does give a lot of info — I still make sure to log on.

I guess you could say I’m quite superstitious. At the start of every Lunar New Year, I actually check to see how the next 12 months will be for those born in the year of the Tiger.

For the record, Tigers can relax as 2011’s supposedly going to be much better than 2010 (phew!).

I think reading my horoscope, or essentially, knowing what’s going to happen in the near future makes me feel a little more at ease about the unknown — like I have a small measure of control over the unpredictable.

Besides, Susan Miller said February might be the best month of the year for Librans. That makes me feel a whole lot better even if it doesn’t turn out that way. It’s definitely a cheap thrill.

Now, I would totally get into fengshui if I could just figure it out.

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