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If you’re still using a traditional wired vacuum cleaner that takes up space in your storeroom or is too bulky to use, consider upgrading to this best-selling robot vacuum that Amazon shoppers love — the Lefant M210P Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

What’s more, it’s on sale at a massive 50% off right now, making it only $149.99. 

Lefant M210P Robot Vacuum

The Lefant M210P Robot Vacuum is more than a cleaner; it’s a statement of modern efficiency. 

Priding itself on being “slim, quiet and smart”, here’s what sets this unique robot vacuum apart:

TangleFree Suction: This unique feature ensures that your floors are kept clean effortlessly.

Smart Control: Pair the vacuum with the Lefant app, and gain control through your phone, Alexa, and Google Home. From mapping your house to scheduling cleaning times, your robot vacuum can be tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Four Cleaning Modes: With four distinct cleaning modes – automatic, planning, fixed point, edge – every nook and cranny of your home will be spotless.

Carpet and Floor Mat Detection: Automatic increase in suction at carpeted areas guarantees the removal of dust, hair and fine particles.

Quiet Cleaning Mode: With noise levels as low as 55db, this vacuum’s sound is comparable to two people having a casual conversation or background music.

Compact Design: At only 28cm in diameter and 7.8cm thick, its design is perfect for narrow spaces in beds, sofas, and corners.

Long Battery Life: One charge gets you up to 100 minutes of cleaning. When the battery runs low, the robot vacuum automatically returns to the charging station. 

Lefant M210P Robot Vacuum

With over 4,200 ratings and 4.4 star reviews on Amazon, this surprisingly affordable yet powerful vacuum cleaner is a must-have in your home. 

In their reviews, customers can’t stop gushing about the vacuum’s suction. 

“[A] small robot that works! The other robot vacuum I own can’t go under some places. This robot can, and now my bedroom is so much cleaner,” shared a revieer from Singapore.

“Very quiet and the suction is strong. I set it to automatically clean three times a day, and it can reach every corner of my house. After cleaning, it will automatically go back to its charging station,” another user praised.

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