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There’s always that one person in your life that you need to shop for every festive season who is terribly hard to please. They already “have everything” or are notoriously picky; the problems are compounded when this person is a bit of a fashionista to boot.

Which is why Style Rocks is such a great idea for Christmas gifting. This online jewellery brand allows shoppers to create “customisable jewellery” from a wide variety of materials – various types of metals including gold and silver and a huge range of coloured semi-precious stones as well as diamonds – plus other cute pieces that cost less than AU$99 or $115.

If you can’t work out what to choose, or you need some inspiration, check out the Style Rocks section that has pieces that have already been “designed” for you, But it’s really easy to use the customisable system, you really just have to point and click.

For Christmas 2013, the founder of Style Rocks, Pascale Helyar­‐Moray, has some great suggestions for those “hard to shop for” people in your life, check them out below:


christmas gifts stylerocks-sunglasses-necklace

Sterling silver sunglasses necklace, $109
“Cute, exquisitely fine and a guaranteed compliment magnet. Plus you can choose the chain length.”


christmas gifts stylerocks-emerald-cut-pink-sapphire-silver-drop-earrings

Emerald cut pink sapphire earrings, $330
“A safe choice when you don’t know her ring size, these earrings go with any outfit and flatter every skin tone.”


christmas gifts stylerocks-emerald-cut-amethyst-silver-cocktail-ring

Amethyst sterling silver ring, $630
“Get the whole family to chip-in and spoil mum with an amazing sparkler she’ll love showing off to her friends.”


christmas gifts stylerocks-bonbon-necklace

Sterling silver necklace, $117
“If your friend knows her Maison Martin Margiela, she’ll appreciate your addition to her collection of candy-inspired accessories.”


christmas gifts stylerocks-yellow-gold-rbc-diamond-half-eternity-ring

Diamond eternity ring, $2,372
“You’ve been an excellent support for your hubby all year. Don’t be shy when it comes to letting him know what you want in you Christmas stocking.”

You can customise all these suggestions as well, changing the metal or colour of stone, as well as adjusting for size of course. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Style Rocks and start shopping!

To shop Style Rocks’ customisable jewellery, go to For more information about the Jewellery Gifts for less than $99, go to If you want to customise a piece of jewellery in a way that’s not offered on the site, you can contact the team directly at to get something special done.
NOTE: All prices are averages; prices on the website are in Australian dollars. Prices vary according to the different metals and stones used.